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of Vidyasankara, Sarada and Candramaulisvara and the
maintenance of charity in the feeding houses at Srngeri.
The temple of Vidyasankara was built in & S. 1263 Vikrama
(A.D. 1340-41). The temples of Srngeri, Beluru, and Halebidu
were constructed by the architect^akkanacarya and his son.
" Kings who are known by the names of ha, bu, ha, vi,
bu, de, ra, vi, de, vi, ma, ra, and vi will rule in the country
of Karnata."
After the -iule of thirteen kings, as mentioned above, the
dynasty of the Rayas continued until time of Krsnaraya,
Aliya Sri Rangaraya ruled also for some time.
Mac. Mss. 18-13-18—f. 16 (b)—-21.
The determination of the age of the kings of the royal
family (has been) given out by Yogi Vidyaranya, the pupil of
There were two brothers, heroic and celebrated, both
pratlharas of the treasury in the service of king Vlra Rudra ;
when Vlra Rudra was attacked and captured by the Yavanas
(Muhammadans), they came out of the * City of Stone'
(Warangal), without any one to help them, and took up service
under Ramanatha in guarding his treasury; then the warriors
of the Great Blind Lord (Mahandhesvara = Muh,ammad bin
Tughlaq ?) came and killed Ramanatha after defeating him in
battle, and carried off to their own city the two celebrated
brothers, Harihara (the elder) and Bukka (the younger), who
were endowed with the marks of heroes. When during their
captivity, there was once a thunder-storm at night, (the jail
guards deserted their posts) and the Suljfcan was asleep; he (got
up)* and came out and found the two prisoners standing
(inside) far from the gateway and asked them why they were
standing there ; then the wise Suljan decided that they were
* The words within brackets are supplied from another text as £hey are necessary to
elucidate the obscure original.